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Music Butterfly Living Room Wall Sticker

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Music Butterfly Living Room Wall Sticker, is one of the living room wall sticker,contains a beautiful butterfly and a long set of music notes, our butterfly living room wall sticker selling from only $16, the music notes wall sticker default size is 120cm*30cm. Our butterfly living room wall sticker Size & Color can be customized. Butterfly living room wall sticker suits for bedroom wall, dinning room and living room, it will surely look great once you finished this living room wall designs.


decorative music butterfly wall sticker decal

Music Butterfly Sticker Product General Information
Product Name Music Butterfly Living Room Wall Sticker
Butterfly living room wall designs Suit Area Living Room, Bedroom,Dinning Room,Television Wall
Music Butterfly living room wall designs Style Modern, Bright
Music Notes Wall Sticker Material
Material Water Proof Plastic
Music notes wall sticker Size
Default Length 120cm
Default Height 30cm
Custom DIY Size Supported Yes
Butterfly Wall Sticker with music notes Color
Default Color Same As Picture
Custom DIY Color Supported Yes,Variable
Music Butterfly Sticker Weight
Net Weight With Package 500g
Usually Ships Within 24-48 hours
Default Shipping Method Standard International Post
Default Delivery Period 7-15 Working Days
Other Shipping Method Expedite Shipping
Expedite Shipping Period 3-9 working days

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Product Reviews

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Not that hard as thought Review by M.Locke
Product Price
As Described
My daughter wanted this for her room. I hesitated after reading all the reviews, but for the price, decided to do it anyway. This was my first foray into vinyl wall art. It arrived rolled up around a tube of Styrofoam, so there were no creases. My sister helped me put it up.

Here's some helpful tips:

* Forget the "soft cloth" it says to use in the directions. You'll never get it done. Use something that is hard and rounded. I used a hard plastic pan scraper -- the rounded side (NOT the edge of the scraper, it will tear the transfer film). My sister used a butter knife handle wrapped two or three times in paper towels. The squeegee I bought specifically for this project didn't help, either. No big loss, it was $1.

* Don't just peel the transfer film off in one sweep. Not everything will transfer at first. Peel it off slowly -- both from the paper the design is originally on, and from the wall. As you peel the transfer film, whatever didn't transfer, lay the film back on that part and rub again. Repeat until it transfers. This usually didn't take but one or maybe two more times.

This was not an entirely easy thing to do, and I'm glad I had help because I wouldn't have been able to do it myself. But it wasn't a very difficult thing, either. There were parts of the decoration that didn't initially transfer to the transfer film. We didn't pull the transfer film completely off until everything was on it. Not difficult.

Putting it up on the wall was the same thing. Little spots here and there didn’t want to transfer at first. But again, it's not difficult. Peel slowly, and if something doesn't transfer, you lay that little part back and rub it again until it does.

If you just rub the whole thing on the wall once or twice and pull the film off in one big sweep, of course some of it isn't going to transfer. Go slow.

Seriously, after reading the reviews, I expected total disaster, but it went up very nicely, and my daughter LOVES it. It's been up for about a month now, and we haven't had a single problem with it. It is noticeably smaller than the product picture shows, and doesn't have quite as many curlie-cues and squiggles, but it is still big enough to be the main attraction of her bedroom. As soon as I figure out how to upload a picture of it, I will. (Posted on 12/7/14)
What directions? Review by Julia
Product Price
As Described
It's pretty cool. The most noticeable problem was the fact that the instructions everybody and their mother talks about never came in my package so I was sitting there going "okay so this curly piece looks kinda like that one" and "dammit! That piece goes over there not where I just put it!" But it you notice in the beginning there is a smaller version of the piece and that is really what you need to compare and contrast with but as for the lettering... it did almost nothing for me but tell me which piece to mess with next. A word of advice, do the staff before the butterfly and it'll look better because the butterfly is angled and if you don't angle it, it'll look off. (Posted on 9/2/14)
Very beautiful stays up well Review by TOM45
Product Price
As Described
This is beautiful. It was fairly easy to put up. You do have to be careful removing the contact paper because the sticker sticks to the contact paper and can tear. I used a blow dryer to heat it up a little bit and smothed it onto the wall then pulled the contact paper away. The blow dryer trick was a big help. I couldnt get the contact paper off safely without it. I love the finished product and have no problems with it not sticking. The contact paper they sent was a little smaller than the sheet the sticker came on so I had to put up a few pieces with out it but it worked out okay. (Posted on 9/1/14)
Pretty picture! Large! Review by Norma
Product Price
As Described
Not sure how this wall decor was different than the others I've had other than is size, but did stay on perfectly for too long. Nothing a little invisible masking tape didn't fix but I believe I'm more of a vinyl decal gal (Posted on 8/29/14)

4 Item(s)

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